Kysar Farms Hunting Club - Waterfowl and Wildlife Management

Now booking hunts for the 2015 - 2016 North Dakota Pheasant Hunting Season. Give us a ring to experience some of the best North Dakota pheasant hunting around.

Come experience some of the best pheasant hunting in the Dakotas, and waterfowl hunting in the great Mississippi Water Way.

Our Mission Driven by Professional Habitat Builders:

We are creating habitat for the wildlife, not simply a hunting club. Our objective is to create a haven for both the hunter and the hunted. The land is owned and managed by both Alverado Kysar, a retired Vietnam Colonel, and Kurt Kysar, a retired Conservation Agent for the State of Missouri. Together they have spent the past 20 years transforming farming land into the perfect habitat for many different kinds of wildlife. They first started in Missouri, where they transformed 1500 acres of farming land into a pristine waterfowl habitat. Then they started transforming land in North Dakota into a roost for thousands of pheasants. Now they spend all their time going on adventurous hunts, and enjoying taking others to experience the hunt with them. They have built hunting lodges in both Missouri and North Dakota to support your dreams of having some of the best hunts of your life.

North Dakota Pheasant Hunting

Hunting in North Dakota at Kysar Farms is some of the world's best pheasant hunting! Our plots of land are scattered around Southwestern North Dakota. This area is famous for its pheasant hunting and has been nationally recognized on many hunting shows.

When you come pheasant hunting with us, you'll have access to over 1100 acres of natural wildlife habitat which mostly includes conservation reserve land (CRP). This diversified environment supports an abundance of ring-necked pheasant, whitetail and mule deer to name a few. A hunt can either be guided by the owner of the land, or you may self-guide. Many guests prefer to hunt behind their own dogs, so feel free to bring yours along.

We have the resources to provide an unforgettable hunting experience where it is not uncommon to see several hundred pheasants a day. Once you hunt with us, you will be back year after year. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a hunt

Missouri Waterfowl Hunting

Members of the lease in our Missouri Duck and Goose Club enjoy exclusive access to some of the best private waterfowl hunting in the Mississippi Fly Way. We are nestled right in a bend of the Osage river a couple hundred miles south of Kansas city. We have a wide range of hunting grounds including; flooded timber duck hunting, flooded grain fields, hardwood bottomlands, open fields, hundreds of acres of woods, sloughs, etc. Food plots are plentiful and have proven to be the key to holding so many varieties of wildlife. Acres of corn, clover, soybeans, millet and much more keep the farm well stocked with native wildlife. Deer, Turkey, Ducks and many more species make our private wetlands home.