That moment of silence...before you take the safety off.

At The Roost, your hunting experience will be what it should be, a true test of your hunting skills in a fair chase with our wily birds. We have over 1,160 acres of the finest habitat for pheasants to thrive and hunters to hone their skills.

Pheasant hunting in North Dakota should not be about fancy guides, tame pheasants that are released upon your arrival, trained dogs with professional dog handlers and over the top lodging.

Our TRUE North Dakota wild pheasant hunting is not for all hunters. Your success will be up to you and your own pheasant hunting dogs, the best pheasant hunters you know and your desire to have that TRUE North Dakota pheasant hunt. You will be provided maps and a tour of the property and then the challenge of the chase will be left up to you for the remainder of your stay at The Roost. However, if you need assistance we are always here to help and provide you with any additional resources to help make your hunt what you want it to be.

So, if you are looking for 100% wild birds, semi/self-guided hunting, bunkhouse lodging, bird cleaning and working with your fellow hunter to make meals, then grab your gun and follow your dog out into acres of managed habitat that provides a HAVEN for the both the HUNTER and the HUNTED at The Roost at Kysar Farms!

Hunting Information

Blaze orange is always in season.

The Roost at Kysar Farms is always here to answer any specific questions you may have. However, below you will find a list of general helpful information and responses to frequently asked questions. If you need any additional support, we are happy to help!

Hunting License
All licensing is the responsibility of the hunter. You can purchase a license and get information on license requirements on the following website: or call 1-800-406-6409.

Blaze orange outerwear
For safety purposes, we require that all hunters wear a minimum of a blaze orange cap and vest while hunting with us.

Recommended items to bring
Layers are needed to be able to accommodate both cooler and warmer temps. We also recommend protective eyewear, hearing protection and hunting boots (waterproof) that have been broken in!

Hunting with a dog is a personal preference. If you prefer to hunt with a dog, feel free to bring your own.

Taking your birds home
You will need coolers to transport your birds home, you can ship them, or you can donate them locally.

We thank you for your part in our success at The Roost.

The Roost at Kysar Farms
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Tracy: 701-300-1153
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