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Our “bunkhouse” lodge emerged from a long-vacant milking parlor and now sleeps 11 with all the modern amenities of home as well as a fully furnished kitchen and bath. Make sure to stock up on all your favorite foods as meals will not be provided. It is a great feeling to come in from a hunt to the lodge, take a hot shower, fix yourself a drink and work together to cook a nice hot meal that you can share. This will be a real hands on, camp experience with all of the ease of a modern kitchen! There is a local grocery co-op in Regent if needed but there are also several bars and restaurants if you decide you would like to partake in the hometown hospitality that Regent has to offer. The people in Regent are some of the friendliest North Dakotans you will ever meet!

Additionally, at the main house, there are more semi private accommodations that sleep up to six additional hunters and an additional full bath.

If you own a well behaved, obedient hunting dog, we encourage them to come along. Nothing better than hunting with your own trained companion. We offer an outdoor kennel as well as outbuildings for them to be in your own crate at night. Dogs are not allowed inside at the lodge or main house accommodations. It is also required that you maintain control of your dog at all times and properly dispose of their waste.

We offer an outdoor area for you to prep/clean your pheasants and in the barn we have freezers and refrigerators to store your birds for you to take them home and enjoy. However, if you want to eat your pheasant in the company of your family/friends/fellow hunters, there is also a gas grill and fryer in the barn. You can end your day eating pheasant under the clear North Dakota skies without the noise of the city and only the sounds of nature and shared hunting stories.

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A HAVEN for the hunter...

We thank you for your part in our success at The Roost.

The Roost at Kysar Farms
P.O. BOX 283
5950 101 Avenue SW
Regent, North Dakota 58650

Marsha: 770-527-0960
Tracy: 701-300-1153
Kurt: 417-230-8767